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A dedicated mobile friendly website for Windows and BlackBerry users.

expense tracking app


Click the receipt button to add an expense. If you’d like, you can attach a picture to your expense while you add it. After entering your expense details, you will have the option to categorize the expense and add it to a report.


The mileage button allows you to create mileage expenses on the go. All you need to do is enter the number of miles travelled and select the appropriate mileage rate. You can also set your unit of measurement as miles or kilometres.

app to simplify mileage log and reimbursement receipt scanner app

List of expenses

The expenses screen lists all expenses (receipts and mileage) that are not part of a report. The picture next to each expense tells you whether an expense is a receipt or a mileage. To edit an expense, just click on it.

List of reports

The reports screen lists all reports and their various states. From the list, you can create and submit reports. Approving of reports need to be done from the website.

expense reports tracking travel expenses

Submit reports from your mobile phone

Submitting an expense report is easy, just click submit. You can also email the report to a third party or send it to your mailbox. We automatically generate a PDF and an Excel report for you. Once a report is submitted, you can track its status (approved, rejected, paid,...) directly form the mobile application.

submit your expense report on the go