The best solution for travel expenses

Today we continue introducing keepek. We will explain why it is special and who can benefit from using it.

What is it, and who is it for?

Keepek helps you manage your travel expenses on the go. It is the perfect solution for small businesses such as creative agencies, law practices, IT shops, and more. It is also great for freelancers and independent contractors.

Why will it benefit you?

Often small businesses struggle with travel expenses. Keepek enables you to rapidly generate quality expenses reports, which you can send straight away, from your mobile phone, to your manager or client.

Keepek captures the expenses and processes the information automatically, allowing employees to transfer all details without any delay. It stores all receipts, and records mileages, so that smart reports can be created and and submitted for validation.

Why it is different?

Unlike other solutions on the market, Keepek is very comprehensive. It shows you the big picture in terms of both what you own and what you owe. Keepek is able to hand multiple users, so you can easily invite new employees as well as your accountant or a third party to view your records.

What’s next?

Sign up today and enjoy our 30-days free trial.

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