Christmas Tree: Get Expenses Under Control

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Get expenses under control - infographic

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A christmas tree for finance people to help them get their company expenses under control.

1. Get your team on board

Draft a sound expenses policy

  • It should be clear and fair
  • It should be easy to communicate, no more than a few pages. Get inspired by our best practises and example

Set a clear timeframe

  • Encourage employees to submit expenses on time
  • Tell them when to expect to be reimbursed

2. Maintain Engagement


  • Notify your team when the status of a report changes
  • When rejecting a report, use the opportunity to educate

Reimburse quickly

Nothing could be more demoralizing than waiting for an unreasonable period of time to be reimbursed

3. Embrace Technology

Real-time reporting

Don’t wait until the end of the month, process reports from one place as they happen

Streamline expense management process

Paper-based process is error prone, replace is with a flexible online expense management software. See our blog on expense management software ROI

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