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Remote work

Remote work, how my startup does it

A coherent and capable team is essential to the success of any startup. But how can you build one that will thrive in a remote environment? Here at Keepek we've decided to go remote at an early stage and so far that has worked beautifully for us. Today, I'd like to…


4 tools to increase productivity

Running a business is not easy. Aside from finding clients and hiring the right people, managers have to regularly audit internal processes to check for ways to work better and thus increase productivity. Today, we will present four tools that can help you streamline and automate business operations in your…


Small businesses in the UK

Recently, I have come across a very interesting report from the department of business innovation and skills. We decided to summarize it in a nice infographic. Here are some interesting points:      There were an estimated 4.9 million private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2013.     As…


Start your own business

The idea of becoming one’s own boss is very appealing to many of us. Materializing this dream requires taking actions such as conducting a market research, writing a business plan, and choosing the appropriate legal structure. Today we will discuss a few options you have when it comes to starting…


How to invoice effectively and avoid late payments

   Many small businesses struggle to invoice correctly their clients. Here we give some guidance about how to streamline the process, which hopefully will get you paid on time. Display necessary information Before asking a customer to pay, you have to do your homework. First you need to create a…


VAT Registration and Threshold

Many of our users face this question. Do I need to register for VAT? Here is an article that hopefully will help you make up your mind about Vat registration.A VAT-registered business is in a way a tax collector. It add VAT, at the appropriate rate, on top of its…


Welcome To Keepek

We are very excited to introduce Keepek, a web-based application designed to help you manage and run smoothly your business. We believe that all professional deserve a tool that is intuitive, easy to use, and yet effective and flexible.Keepek is meant to remove the hassle related to running a small…

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