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Take control of your business expenses

Out-of-pocket expenses are costs you pay out of your pocket and which your company reimburses you for. For instance, you may use your own vehicle for a business trip or pay for your train ticket to attend a business meeting in another city. Keeping track of expenses is not an…

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The best solution for travel expenses

What is it, and who is it for? Keepek helps you manage your invoices, bills, and travel expenses. It is the perfect solution for small businesses such as creative agencies, law practices, IT shops, and more. It is also great for freelancers and independent contractors. Why will it benefit you?…


Welcome To Keepek

We are very excited to introduce Keepek, a web-based application designed to help you manage and run smoothly your business. We believe that all professional deserve a tool that is intuitive, easy to use, and yet effective and flexible.Keepek is meant to remove the hassle related to running a small…

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