Buzz Aldrin's expense report for mission to moon

Believe or not, even if you’ve just been to the moon, you still need to fill your expense report on time.

Like any other business traveller, in 1969, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step foot on the moon, after Neil Armstrong, filled out an expense report of $33.31 for a trip to the moon and back. The form, recently shared on Facebook, shows an itinerary that is hard to match: Cape Kennedy, the moon, the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, and then back to Houston.



The amount on the expense report, which is around $220 in today‚Äôs money, is not a lot for such a historical trip. The expenses essentially cover the use of his car to and from Ellington Air Force Base in Houston. Luckily, Aldrin didn’t have to pay for the fuel that took Apollo 11 into space. That certainly would have been astronomical.

After landing, the three man crew: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Adrin, had to declare to customs any items they were bringing from space. The cargo they declared included rocks and moon dust samples. That was certainly a first for the custom officers.

At that time, scientists were concerned that the three astronauts might have brought back new germs. So they were put into quarantine for three weeks. For sure, the isolation would have been less oppressive had they had Twitter and Facebook at that time.

Today, thank God, we do not put astronauts into quarantine. However, the hassle associated with filling expense reports in still exists. Maybe our astronauts should give Keepek a try, it definitely could help them speed up the process of getting reimbursed.

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