4 tools to increase productivity

Running a business is not easy. Aside from finding clients and hiring the right people, managers have to regularly audit internal processes to check for ways to work better and thus increase productivity.

Today, we will present four tools that can help you streamline and automate business operations in your organization.


Evernote is perfect for research and brainstorming. Has it ever happened to you that, while commuting to your office, you think of a great idea that you absolutely want to share with your boss? Or you come across a website or an article that inspires you and which you wanted to discuss with your colleagues? Unless you have a very sharp memory, you will have to write down your idea or it risks fading away in the following half an hour.

Evernote is the perfect tool for such tasks. You can quickly put down your ideas. The web clipper will allow you to save online articles. The tag and category features will help you organize your notes and the advanced search capability will enable you to access them easily.


Many companies are still using paper-based systems to manage their expenses. Such systems suffer from too drawbacks. First, they are expensive because they are simply time consuming. Second, they do not offer any insight into spending.

Keepek is an online solution that can help you automate and streamline the entire expense management process. Employees can use the mobile application to record their receipts, log their mileages, and submit their expense reports on the go. CFOs can easily verify expenses against submitted receipts and conduct audits. 

On average, each employee spends about two to three hours a month on expense reporting. A tool such as Keepek can reduce this time to just five minutes. On top of that, employees’ satisfaction will certainly increase.


Imagine a private facebook just for your company. Well, that would be Yammer, a corporate-controlled social platform for businesses. Employees can use it to collaborate, stay connected, and share ideas beyond emails but still in a closed environment. It is perfect for sharing files, links, and cutting down large amount of group emails.

Yammer is now a part of Microsoft and therefore integrates well with tools such as Skype, Outlook, and Office Online. Employees will need a corporate email address to enter into your organization’s private network.

 Google Drive

Google Drive is ideal when many employees need to work simultaneously on the same document. This happens frequently when the entire team needs to prepare a report or a spreadsheet within a tight deadline. You can easily see who is working on the document and what they are doing. Even better, you can start a real time conversation with a colleague right inside the document you are editing. Collaborators appear at the top of the document, all you need to do is click on the chat button

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